best preparation for a brilliant career.

1. Comprehensive Hospitality Education:

The curriculum at IHM has been based on the blend of academic teaching and hands-on experiential learning. We try to pose the students with real-world challenges so that they develop a 360-degree understanding of the industry they’re going to enter into.

2. Global Reach:

IHM Bhopal offers global opportunities and international standard learning facilities for a unique experience. By encouraging students to expose themselves to the world, and by learning & living together, students learn to understand and work in multicultural environments. This enables them to accept, respect and work with people from all walks of life.

3. Active and Vast Alumni Network:

We boast of a brilliant and widely placed Alumni Network! The graduating students become members of the IHM Bhopal Alumni Association. IHM has an active alumni network known as BHAI (Bhopal Alumni Association of IHM).

4. Industry Connections:

IHM – Bhopal has strong network with various hospitality brands and allied industries from all tiers. Our students are placed with these organizations across the globe.